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S820 Machine Room-less Elevator

Environmental Protection Energy Saving Maintenance Easy
Compared with machine room elevator,machine room-less elevator can save much space, reduce construction cost,improve hoistway utilization ratio and operation more stable. The machine room-less elevator adopts high efficiency and low energy consumption gearless
machine, which can save 30%-40% of power consumption compared to classical gear machine. Little vibration, Iow noise and perfect security protection guaran-tees the elevator safer and more reliable.

Control System
MPS-300MRL control system applies
unique separated structure, which can meet the demanding of none machine room and mini machine room.Simultaneity, the updated multi-computer network control system with synchronized inverter can accomplish excellent speed curve and perfect ride comfort. It applies a lot of updated technology, for example large screen LCB interface and intelligent group control.

Driving System

This series of permanent magnet synch-ronized gearless machine is compact,environmental protection, energy sa-ving, easy maintenance, low vibration,low noise, high efficiency and with perfect ride comfort.

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